Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What questions would you ask?

I found myself nodding, agreeing, and intrigued by the conversations I was having with God, Jesus, and many disciples from the Bible.  Okay, I really wasn’t talking to God himself, in the flesh, but I was building my relationship with Him through the holy spirit.  Ford does a fantastic job in making the Bile come alive.  All “conversations” are based off of scriptures from the Bible.

I tend to get distracted with devotionals; however, the chapters were shorts, to the point and enjoyable to reflect upon.

The table of contents help when wanting to read a certain subject, which allows readers to return when needed. 

A great prayer starter
A great way to set goals
A great book for daily devotional

You read it once, but I promise, you’ll need to return to it.   Women, come on, we might get an answer, but will always need to ask it at least twice to be convinced.

For non-Christians:
If you ever had questions regarding the Christian faith, or even confused in your own Christians believed, this is a great book to pick up and read.

For men:
Don’t worry, there is abook for you too!  Check it out!  If you read or have read it, let me know how it is!

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